I was born and educated in Poland where I received my Masters in Fine Arts in both painting and weaving. Since 1981, I have made Western Canada my home. In 2017 I moved from Alberta to Hope, BC where I can start working on my art again.

My artistic career started in fiber arts. I wove numerous tapestries that were shown in various solo and group exhibitions, mostly in Western Canada. In recent years I have shifted back to painting and drawing. I create pictures with animals, people, flowers, abandoned pioneer homesteads and pictures for children. I use a variety of mediums as pencil, ink, pastel, watercolour and acrylic and create art with my own mixed techniques.

I feel very strongly about all animals; our pet companions, animals that we raise on farms and those who still roam wild. I hope that through my art I will be able to make them even closer to us, or maybe us closer to them. I also hope I can “speak” through my art, at least to some extent, on their behalf.  My Pet Art artistic adventure is focused on exploring and strengthening bonds between us and our companion animals, for the benefit of both sides.

Animals in my pet pictures are realistic. My main goal is to capture the personality of an animal. However, the background of a picture is my own creation. I build it by applying colours and abstract forms that enhance the overall composition and bring up individual characteristics of each animal. This also makes the pictures unique and allows for my own artistic expression