What you need to do What I need to do
Review  the website, becoming familiar with the offer and the displayed artwork  
Make contact by E-mail or phone  
Discuss scope of work and the time schedule  
  Prepare a quote and contact you by phone or E-mail with the information
If the quote is accepted, you than proceed to take photographs of the animal  
Send photographs along with contact information (phone number and E-mail address). If you want to speed up the commission process and plan to pay by a cheque or money order, you may send along the initial 20% deposit. This will not be cashed until the order is confirmed  
  Assess quality of photographs and, if needed, clarify any details or discuss quality of photographs with the buyer. Contact you to confirm the order.
Pay the initial 20% non-refundable deposit by PayPal or send a cheque or money order, if not done before.  
  Cash the deposit
  Create the artwork
  Present an electronic copy of the ordered picture for approval. Send the image of the artwork by E-mail or a hard copy by regular mail. If the image of the picture is not satisfactory to you, the order is cancelled and the picture becomes my property
Send the remaining 80% of the payment  
  Display the artwork on the Pet Art website
  Ship the finished artwork with receipt. Return photographs
Accepted Payments

Pay Pal
Money orders
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Steps for ordering and creating a custom picture of your pet animal:

The image of a picture that is presented to the buyer (via E-mail or regular mail) must meet his or her approval. If not, the contract is cancelled without any further obligation to the buyer. The non-refundable 20% deposit is retained by the artist .

The artwork that is not accepted by the buyer becomes sole property of the artist and can be sold to the public.

Art images displayed on this site and created as commissions are the property of Eva Heller.  All artistic rights are reserved. Please contact the artist if you want to use the images for any commercial purposes.
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