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To paint the picture I will need a few photos of the animal. Quality of the picture I paint and particularly artistic expressions of your pet's personality will mostly depend on the quality of photos you provide. Quality means both capturing in photos personality of the animal and the technical aspects of photographs.

Animal Personality

If possible, take a number of photographs capturing the animal in different situations. Take at least some photos outdoors when there is good lighting but rather not a full sunny exposure that may distort details of the photos. Taking photographs in a proper light will allow you to use a shorter shutter setting to catch interesting poses of the animal. Avoid using flash as this creates a red-eye effect and makes impossible to see the most important part, the eyes.

Try to take pictures from the level of the animal rather than looking at it from the top. This will show its personality much better. Take pictures of the whole body but the most important photos are of the head. Eyes are the most important part of the photos. Eyes, more than anything else, express individuality of an animal. If your pet is very lively and doesn’t want to be still (which is particularly important when taking close-ups of the head) you may need someone else to help you hold the animal. Be sure that the photo is taken so the animal or its head fills most of the frame.

Take your time, be patient. It takes time to take good pictures of a lively animal.  Have fun taking photographs. Once you have the photos, select those that, in your opinion represent the animal’s best qualities. Again, let’s remember that the better your photos show the animal, the better the picture will be. I can only paint what I see so, I need to able to see the animal through your eyes.

You may check for some
examples of good shots, explaining what I am looking for in photographs of an animal that can be used for creating a quality picture. 

Technical Aspects Of The Photos

Please, send me three to five personally selected photos. I prefer digital photographs. Whether digital or prints, the technical quality is crucial. Photos need to be in focus, with good lighting and presentation of details. If you send printed photos, the preferred size is  4” x 6” but the bigger, the better. For digital photographs, the minimum size is 8” x 10.5” or 960 x 1260 pixels at 120 dpi. My rural Internet connection makes it very difficult for me to receive large files. For that reason, I would appreciate that even digital photographs are sent by regular mail, copied on CD.

Accepting Photographs

Since quality of photographs is crucial for the quality of the art, I must reserve the right to decline an offer if  photos are, in my opinion, not sufficient to give you full satisfaction and will not meet my artistic standards.